Yoni Workshop

What is Yoni Cleanse

Women tend to suffer from more hormonal ailments, which means women are more likely to seek relief in the form of a vaginal steam or Yoni steaming. Yoni, in the Sanskrit language, means “sacred space”. Vaginal steaming is one way women can bring balance to their bodies, cleanse harmful toxins and support their reproductive organs through effective herbal remedies.

Yoni steam:  Reasons You Should Steam, Benefits and How To’s: about the benefits of Yoni steaming and how it can help you be clean and fresh naturally.

It’s about the whole you,  The importance of using herbs and essential oil,  What you can expect from this kind of cleansing.  If  Yoni steaming isn’t for you, it doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself. It’s a decision a woman can make on a personal level based on her beliefs and what she feels is right for her body. But be sure to give yourself the gift of loving your body-mind


Yoni cleanse steam is an ancient vaginal cleansing method that has been practiced for centuries in many cultures. The word Yoni literally translates as womb; the steam cleanse draws heat up to your womb area and gently opens the tight spaces within it. This process flavors the womb, like food flavors the tongue, allowing you to taste your creation (child) more accurately. It can also help prevent or reverse many complications of pregnancy, such as bleeding during labor, endometriosis, blocked Fallopian tubes, difficulty conceiving and postnatal depression.

In fact, many doctors have been recommending steaming as a natural and healthy alternative to cleansing the colon. Vaginal steams have been used for years by women of all ages around the world. Countless women claim that vaginal steaming can solve a wide variety of health problems and restore a woman’s natural balance, including everything from acne to PMS, miscarriage and postpartum issues. But what exactly is a vaginal steam?

Vaginal steam baths are an ancient way of cleansing the vagina. It’s an ancient ritual that has been in practice in various cultures for centuries.

A Yoni cleanse opens a window to a new level of self-care and awareness in  life. It has become an integral part of many to feeling more in their body, in touch with  mind and emotions, and aware of the spiritual connection between all aspects of who we are. Even if you’re not inclined to feel guided by a higher force when you experience your period, when the time comes, try taking it slow and sitting with yourself during this precious time. You might be surprised by what shows up or what shifts in your routine that will occur. In the end, it’s always good to slow down and take care of YOU!